Outcast Registration

In dialogue with the participants, their respective biographies are developed with the aid of the Matrix Method, which depicts their lives as a sequence of events and decisions, of actions and reactions. This "basic biography" is a protocol of the facts which are stated as soberly as possible. The preponderance of bald factual information makes it easier for those concerned to confront what they have experienced, and the discrepancy between linguistic form and biographical content is precisely what makes the scope and ramifications of the experiences described clear to outsiders.

When the participants then actually record their biography, the process gives rise to a remarkable effect: for the first time, most of the participants experience a kind of legitimisation of their life story, which is combined with the need to articulate it in public

After the biography has been finalised, the participants identify places that are connected with the context of the events mentioned. Next, each sentence is assigned to a specific place and indicated on a map, which gives an impression of the individual places and situations as well as the geographic location.