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Karin Pausch

Born in Bad Urach, Germany in 1958.

Karin Pausch’s biography was reconstructed after her death in 2002 using her files and documents and in close collaboration with social workers and end of life caregivers. A former housemate of Karin’s read her biography for the recording.


Bad Urach, Germany
At age 6, I am afraid of my addict parents
Ulmer Straße, Bad Urach, Germany
At age 12, my father dies
Römersteinstraße, Sondelfingen, Reutlingen, Germany
At age 13, I use my mother's medication and cannabis
Ulmer Straße, Bad Urach, Germany
At age 16, my brother dies
Bad Urach, Germany
At age 17, I am shooting heroin
Alteburgstraße, Reutlingen, Germany
At age 18, my mother dies of an overdose
Place de la Comédie, Montpellier, France
At age 19, I am homeless in France
Herlikofer Straße, Schwäbisch Gmünd, Germany
At age 25, I am for the first time incarcerated
Schubartstraße, Asperg, Germany
At age 30, I infect myself in jail with HIV
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
At age 31, I escape from another incarceration to the Netherlands
Jacob Catsstraat, Rotterdam Noord, Rotterdam, the Netherlands
At age 32, I fall in love with a junkie and live with him illegally in Rotterdam
Düesbergweg, Münster, Germany
At age 40, I return to Germany for rehab, am treated with methadone and start drinking
Albert-Schweitzer-Straße, Münster, Germany
At age 41, I am locked up in a psychiatric hospital
Königswall, Innenstadt-West, Dortmund, Germany
At age 41, my lover is shot dead
Platanenallee, Unna, Germany
At age 42, I am committed to hospital in LÜSA with advanced liver cirrhosis
Alter Dortmunder Weg, Schwerterheide, Schwerte, Germany
At age 44, I die in the company of my caretakers