Outcast Registration

OUTCAST REGISTRATION serves as an archive of all research projects by Ulrike Möntmann and documents their results.

Since 1998 Ulrike Möntmann has been realising multi-year projects with partners from art, science and politics in cooperation with drug addicts in European prisons, therapy facilities and reception centres. In interdisciplinary artistic research and practice, complex issues are discussed that arise from the cooperation of all participants. The aim of the investigations is to uncover facts and to identify concrete connections from different perspectives. This is not about confirming the asymmetrical relationships with the women affected which certainly exist or about discussing the measures of the organs of executive power; the aim is to uncover the conditions in societal systems that are unthinkingly taken for granted and accepted.

OUTCAST REGISTRATION is a form of intervention that requires reflection and commentary to reveal the conditions that are structurally entrenched in social processes and make them perceptible as public affairs.

The following overview offers more detailed information on all projects devised and conducted by Ulrike Möntmann thus far.

(2004-2019) consists of eighteen biographies of female drug addicts from five western European countries and it forms the basis of OUTCAST REGISTRATION.
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(2019-ongoing) continues the investigation carried out in TBDWBAJ. Individual implementations of the project are to take place in prisons in northern and southern Europe in 2021-2027.
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Parrhesia at W139 in Amsterdam, October 2023

European Outcast Choir at MAK Vienna, 2013/14

The part below is currently under construction and when completed, will hold information about the projects that took place before TBDWBAJ and parrhesia.

(1997) As most inmates will tell you, I too ended up in prison by accident; namely, in the Justizvollzugsanstalt für Frauen, in Vechta, Germany.
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Women in prison display a striking tendency towards vanity. Where pride and self-respect have long been broken, the need arises to smarten themselves up;
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Some lives are grievable, and others are not; the differential allocation of grievability that decides what kind of subject is and must be grieved, and which kind of subject must not,...
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Happy Together is a sequence of full color posters, which shows a person standing next to a flower-box in public spaces of Amsterdam.
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The literal reference of the Food Sluice is to a way of channelling food. Following the principle of a sluice,
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