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Währinger Gürtel, Vienna, Austria
After the death of my brother, I am born in Vienna — my mother's second child
Scheibenbergstraße, Währing, Vienna, Austria
Until age 2, my mother and I live in several Viennese mother and child homes and my father refuses to acknowledge me as his daughter
Gentzgasse, Währing, Vienna, Austria
At age 2, my sick mother cannot provide proper care for me, and I am placed with devoutly religious foster parents with four children of their own
Gentzgasse, Währing, Vienna, Austria
From the age of 3, my foster mother treats me less favourably. Unlike my siblings, I don’t get any clothes of my own but have to wear my older brother's hand-me-downs
Hartäckerstraße, Döbling, Vienna, Austria
At age 5, my half-sister is born and is placed in a children’s home
Angerer Straße, Floridsdorf, Vienna, Austria
At age 6, my foster mother decides that the cello is the most suitable instrument for me and I have to practice it for three hours every day
Gentzgasse, Währing, Vienna, Austria
At age 6, I steal my sister's clothes, my foster mother hits me in the face to punish me and locks me in. I am not allowed to keep the new clothes that a neighbour has given to me as a present
Elterleinplatz, Hernals, Vienna, Austria
At age 7, I insist on getting to know my father, I push for a paternity test, and meet him at the visitors’ cafe of the Youth Welfare Office. He promises to stay in touch and I don’t hear from him again
, Italy
At age 10, my foster mother tells me that my father is in prison
Neustiftgasse, Vienna, Austria
At age 11, I increasingly suffer because of the unequal treatment of me by my foster mother; to compensate I steal money from her and she exposes me in front of the entire class at my music school
Lacknergasse, Vienna, Austria
At age 11, a friend's mother reports what is going on to the Youth Welfare Office. As a result, I am taken away from the foster mother and sent to a Youth Crisis Centre without being allowed to say goodbye to my siblings
Rosa-Luxemburg-Gasse, Ottakring, Vienna, Austria
At age 12, I am sent once again to the Youth Crisis Centre and following that, I insist on being placed in the same children’s home as my little sister
Fendigasse, Margareten, Vienna, Austria
At age 13, I am only allowed to see my father under police supervision due to his conviction for sexual abuse of minors. After his release, I visit him every other day at the bar where he works and where he offers me alcohol and cocaine until my mother forbids these visits
Wagramer Straße, Vienna, Austria
At age 13, I experience sexual violence, which I cannot talk about
Lacknergasse, Vienna, Austria
At age 13, a cocaine-taking, drug-dealing friend of my mother gives me cocaine and money
Steiner Landstraße, Krems an der Donau, Austria
At age 13, my father’s brother is sentenced to 15 years in prison for murder
Schwarzspanierstraße, Alsergrund, Vienna, Austria
At age 13, a friend and I break into the office of the children’s home, we steal the cash box and get hold of € 2.500
Handelskai, Vienna, Austria
At age 14, I take cocaine multiple times a day and snort heroin twice a week
Döblinger Hauptstraße, Vienna, Austria
At age 14, my nine-year-old sister is run over by a car and killed. The driver flees
Handelskai, Vienna, Austria
At age 14, I try to take my life, I survive jumping in front of a train, and by court order, I receive outpatient therapy in conjunction with staying in the children’s home
Hofzeile, Döbling, Vienna, Austria
At age 15, I start my education to become a kindergarten teacher and develop a cocaine-centred rewards scheme for completed educational tasks
Obkirchergasse, Döbling, Vienna, Austria
At age 16, I take cocaine after every school lesson, drop out of kindergarten teacher education and begin training to become a pharmacy assistant
Mönichkirchen, Austria
At age 16, I have my first love affair with a woman
Friedrich-Engels-Platz, Brigittenau, Vienna, Austria
At age 17, I am sentenced to fifteen months in prison for violation of the Narcotic Substances Act , my application for treatment instead of prison is granted, and I stop therapy after three months.
Wien-Flughafen, Schwechat, Austria
At age 18, I transport 900 grams of cocaine for my Nigerian boyfriend via body packing, split equally over three trips
Napoli Centrale, Napoli, Italy
At age 19, my boyfriend and I move to Italy, I have to change my drug substitute medication to Subutex and at the same time I am using cocaine and heroin
Liebenstraße, Meidling, Vienna, Austria
At age 19, I am wanted by Interpol, I am pregnant, and let myself be put on a pregnancy-approved drug substitution treatment in Vienna
Montleartstraße, Vienna, Austria
At age 19, I am happy at the birth of my son and for the very first time I take responsibility for the well-being of a loved one
Hammerschmidtgasse, Döbling, Vienna, Austria
At age 19, my baby is placed with emergency foster parents for four weeks because I am in drug substitution treatment, and the Youth Welfare Office ensures my baby is returned to me
Kaiser Franz-Ring, Baden, Austria
At age 20, I marry my boyfriend
Prison Schwarzau, Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
At age 21, I am sentenced to prison for the suppression of documents and theft and I am conditionally released after serving one year. Meanwhile, my husband gets a friend of mine pregnant
Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
While I am in prison, my son is placed with foster parents for the majority of the time.
Leopoldstadt, Vienna, Austria
At age 22, in panic after a miscarriage, I flush my dead fetus down the toilet and separate from my husband
Friedhof Simmering, Vienna, Austria
At age 22, my new boyfriend’s work as a funeral director brings structure and tranquility to our lives
Waaggasse, Wieden, Vienna, Austria
At age 23, I suffer from depression, increasingly smoke cocaine and heroin and my uncle, who has been released from prison, gives me support
Puchgasse, Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria
At age 25, the court mandate for inpatient therapy is changed to outpatient therapy due to the fact I have a permanent job. Because of the pandemic, I lose my job and because of my own carelessness, I lose my place in the outpatient therapy programme
Puchgasse, Donaustadt, Vienna, Austria
At age 25, I take care of my son, separate from my boyfriend, and the conditional early release from prison of 4 years previously is revoked. Until my prison sentence commences in February 2022, I smoke cocaine and heroin
Prison Schwarzau, Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
At age 25, I am preparing to break out of prison together with my girlfriend