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Women's Prison Schwarzau, AT


PARRHESIA at Women's prison Schwarzau

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Justizanstalt Schwarzau, Wechselbundesstraße 23-25, 2625 Schwarzau, AT

General information - Women's Prison Schwarzau

The Prison Schwarzau is the only penal institution in Austria responsible for the execution of judicial custodial sentences on women. Its main task is the execution of custodial sentences with a term of imprisonment of more than 18 months, namely in all forms of execution provided for in the Prison Act.

The main task includes the execution of custodial sentences on female juveniles and adolescents whose term of sentence generally exceeds six months. The Prison Schwarzau thus fulfils the tasks of a special prison for female juveniles.

Furthermore, the Prison Schwarzau is also responsible for the accommodation of female lawbreakers in need of weaning according to section 22 of the Penal Code and for weaning treatments for female prisoners according to section 68a of the Penal Code Act.

In addition, Schwarzau Prison is also responsible for the execution of administrative and financial substitute custodial sentences following the execution of judicial custodial sentences, but only to the extent that the facility's capacity is sufficient.

History of the building

Prison Schwarzau am Steinfeld is housed in a castle.


Background: what is a THE ISOLATED SPACE space?

This describes the segregated life imposed on drug-addicted women within different social units; for example, prison, treatment facility, psychiatric ward, or asylum.

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