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Ebentaler Straße, Klagenfurt , Austria
At age 24, my father cannot endure not being allowed to have contact with me and pressurises me to bring my mother along to our meetings
Auenbruggerplatz, Graz, Austria
At age 27, the mother of my boyfriend organises my admittance to a psychiatric hospital, as both physically and mentally I can’t take any more
Dreihackengasse, Gries, Graz, Austria
At age 28, I steal prescription pads, obtain legal insurance numbers, and forge signatures in order to get drugs
Simmering, Vienna, Austria
At age 32, I meet my new boyfriend, a former child soldier, who like me is trying to escape from memories of violence
Schülerweg, Klagenfurt , Austria
At age 33, we want to travel to the Congo with my boyfriend's father, I undergo detoxification with methadone and strong alcohol and hear the wise advice of African men in my head
Heidemarie-Hatheyer-Platz, Klagenfurt, Austria
At age 34, I am free of all drug substitution
Schwarzau am Steinfeld, Austria
At age 35, the prison doctor treats my third hepatitis c infection and saves my life
Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo
At age 36, I take pleasure in my daily singing and making music and derive comfort from it
Klagenfurt am Wörthersee, Austria
At age 37, my boyfriend allows himself to be provoked by repeated, racist aggression, reacts with violence, and is sentenced to prison
, Austria
At age 38, I have lived with my addiction for 25 years and have spent a total of 19 years in prison
At age 38, I can see my life’s plan as clearly as I see my protostar