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Rebecca Mertens

Born in Osnabrück, Germany in 1976.

Rebecca Mertens wrote her biography by herself during a term of imprisonment. This biography exerted a strong influence on the character and method of compiling a dry, strictly factual biography, which was developed with participants of projects that followed, referred to as the “matrix method”.


Bramscher Straße, Osnabrück, Germany
As an infant, or as a toddler, I might be sexually abused
Natruper-Tor-Wall, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 3, I am for the first time being treated by a therapist
Eberleplatz, Haste, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 6, the police bring me home for the first time
Bramscher Straße, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 9, I start being sexually abused
Pagenstecherstraße, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 10, I start drinking
Neumarkt, Innenstadt, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 12, I play truant a lot and stay away from home nights on end
Am Kartel, Schweicheln-Bermbeck, , Germany
At age 14, I am sent to a youth home
Schinkel, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 16, I shoot heroin
Neumarkt, Innenstadt, Osnabrück, Germany
At age 18, I am taken into custody
Johann-Kühn-Straße, Gröpelingen, Bremen, Germany
At age 24, I enter therapy
An der Propstei, Vechta, Germany
At age 25, I quit therapy and go back on heroin
Belmer Strasse, Osnabrück, Germany
1 January 1976 - 21 February 2021