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Aleja Hermanna Bollea, Zagreb, Croatia
I am the little sister of my dead sister
Pupnat, Croatia
At age 1, my parents leave me behind with my grandmother, furious, in the Yugoslavian countryside
Neue Straße, Ulm, Germany
At age 5, my parents come and take me to their “Gastarbeiter” Germany and I am overwhelmed by my lonely adjustment to the unknown
Münsterplatz, Ulm, Germany
At age 11, my father is my confidant and despite our homesickness we live in prosperity
115 Heerstraße, Pfuhl, Neu-Ulm, Germany
At age 14, I am not afraid of the use of cocaine among my circle of rich kids
Türkenstraße, Maxvorstadt, Munich, Germany
At age 16, I escape to follow a course in the city, far away from parental supervision
15 Augsburger Straße, Neu-Ulm, Germany
At age 18, I love and marry a Yugoslavian criminal and adapt to a traditional wife’s role
60 Asperger Straße, Stammheim, Stuttgart, Germany
At age 19, my husband escapes a German prison but fails to adapt to Yugoslavia, so I get him to join me in Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland
At age 20, I live a life of luxury and boredom, and launder money for my husband’s drugs and arms trade
Reppischtalstrasse, Birmensdorf, Switzerland
At age 25, my husband terrorises me with violence and death threats and I start taking cocaine regularly
Frauenklinikstrasse, Zurich, Switzerland
At age 25, I abort my unwanted child and try to kill myself
23 Albert-Einstein-Allee, Ulm, Germany
At age 26, my parents take me home, have me committed to a psychiatric institution and my father threatens my husband
Talfinger Straße, Ulm, Germany
At age 26, my husband frees me with the help of gunpower and I use his cocaine, alcohol, crack and heroin
Allgäuer Straße, Ludwigsfeld, Neu-Ulm, Germany
At age 26, I use my power as a wife to pressure other dealers and accept lovers with money and drugs
Bahnhofplatz, Ulm, Germany
At age 28, I lose my Swiss residence permit and deal Swiss drugs in Germany
1 Ulica doktor Luje Naletilića, Zagreb, Croatia
At age 29, I am sentenced to five years in a German prison and let myself be deported to Croatia
Petrinjska ulica, Zagreb, Croatia
At age 30 and 31, I am clean, lead a normal life and am frightened
12 Trg Kralja Tomislava, Zagreb, Croatia
At age 34, I deal and use endless quantities of heroin and cocaine
Žaborić, Croatia
At age 34, I follow my husband to the seaside, am helpless in the fatalistic use of drugs and am terrorised, raped and abused
Benešićeva ulica, Zagreb, Croatia
At age 37, I leave my husband and start a relationship with a young Croatian war invalid
77 Osječka ulica, Požega, Croatia
At age 40, I am serving my prison sentence, suffer from Hepatitis C, am clean and will trade highs for family happiness