Expert Meetings


Collaboration is both a method and an essential element of this project: drug users convicted of criminal offences, artist colleagues, scholars, and representatives of participating or research institutions work together.

An integral part of the implementation of the THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE project are the public, interdisciplinary Expert Meetings that have taken place since 2007.

The Accomplices’ Meetings (Komplizinnentreffen), which since 2011 continue the Expert Meetings, are attended by international specialists from the human sciences, including philosophy, art, art theory, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, political science, and law. Their expertise enhances discussions amongst the project members that take place both at the meetings and outside.

The OUTCAST REGISTRATION NETWORK that is formed by all the project participants, artists, and scholars seeks to promote the exchange and dissemination of knowledge about this neglected complex of issues.


Expert Meeting – Projectspace Kunsthalle Wien

Expert Meeting – Projectspace Kunsthalle Wien

from Speech Act to speech activity

During the sixth Accomplices' Meeting ART, possibilities for performative audio installations based on the (analogue) European Outcast Choir will be developed on the topic "Speech Act" in cooperation with digital creators SPRIGS. more

Societal System Error

Crimes without prosecution: Using Rebecca Mertens' data as an example, the hypothetical amendments to the law will be shown. more


Punishment and criminal prosecution of drug users: The example of Rebecca Mertens illustrates the institutional measures and applied legislative changes as well as the social consequences for the drug-dependent offender. more

Solidarity & Value Conflicts

Psychology | Psychiatry III
Women and Men in Prison: A Comparison – Europe’s Shortage of Psychiatrists – Conflicting Social Values: Functionality as the Goal of Therapy? ... more

Observational Perspectives

Substance abuse and prostitution – Field study New York and Frankfurt, Undergoing spaces – Architecture of psychiatry and prison, Observational perspectives – Interdisciplinary utilisation of Artistic Research... more

Intervention Parrhesia in the City

Disclosing System Error: Foucault’s notion of governmentality – Objective: Making marginalized things visible and public – Method: Making the personal public... more

Productive Contradictions

Art V
Publication as a Place for Hosting the Interdisciplinary "Relay Race" – Collective Discussion as Practice – Narration or Information, Closeness or Distance? – Productive Contradictions: Highlighting contradictions and putting up with them ... more

Foucault's Parrhesia, Art & Criticism

art IV
Artistic Intervention – Communication of (Art) Research – Modes of action in public realm – Foucault’s parrhesia – Between activism and analysis... more

Dealing with Addiction – A Development

Psychology | Psychiatry II
Treatment and Dealing with Addiction – Substitution as Alleviation of Suffering – Control, Inner Freedom and Addiction – Fall of the Abstinence Paradigm... more

Austrian Drug Politics

Psychology | Psychiatry
Austria’s Policy on Drugs: Development and Status Quo – Social Paradigm Shifts: Austria, Switzerland & The Netherlands... more

Art Research in Context

art III
Art Research: Production, Legitimisation & Contextualisation of Knowledge – Critical Reflection on Institutional Power – Going public: On the necessity of specific display format of Art Research... more


In cooperation with Rebecca Mertens: Access to the trial records of a 19-time convicted drug-dependent inmate of the prison for women in Lower Saxony. more

Space, Action and Practice

Topography and Spaces – Terms of artistic positioning – Art Research and Practice: Analysis of methodical decisions – Visualisation & Encoding – Displaying knowledge, Interference – Persistency as artistic practice... more