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from Speech Act to Speech Activity

Art VI

22 September 2019, Amsterdam


Joan de Boer, SPRIGS_digital creators, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Prishtina, Kosovo
Kreshnik Hasanaj, SPRIGS_digital creators, Prishtina, Kosovo
Ulrike Möntmann, artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Vienna, Austria

In extension of the audio-visual presentation of previous research results, formats are to be developed that show the special relationship between the speaker and the speaker’s utterance.

Ulrike Möntmann is looking for a conversation with “digital creators” Joan de Boer and Kreshnik Hasanaj to discuss previous experience with audio (visual) installations and performative spoken actions. How can the authentic audio recordings of the current and future European biographies of drug-addicted women be used to more clearly correspond to the participants’ goal of making their life stories perceivable as a public matter?

Illustration in collaboration with Sprigs (Digital Creators) and Anika Ohlerich (Archetypal | Spatial Design)


Initially, in cooperation with SPRIGS, a basic system will be developed to design the analog EOC in such a way that it can be used as a digital “tool” even in the isolated space and reaches a broad audience in cultural and public spaces in the form of an audio-visual intervention.

10 – 20 iBeacons are wireless linked to a computer. The access key is a QR code or URL or a link to an App or website, which activates the digital interface on the smartphones of the visitors.

The iBeacons create a virtual sound space; in which they locate the visitors as soon as they are connected. He or she hears the native spoken biographies together as an EUROPEAN OUTCAST CHOIR [EOC].

When the visitor moves through the room, the sound experience changes constantly; the volume of the individual voices will become stronger or weaker until reaching »spots« at which he or she can listening to a complete biography.

While listening to the sentences of the biography, the beamer projects the translation of this audible sentence onto the projection area. The translations will appear as sound bites, i.e. fade in and out quickly according to the length of the sentences.