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ARTA Lievegoed, Zeist, NL


The part of the project that is done in The Isolated Space consists of a practical and a theoretical work process. In a collaborative process the biographies of a small group of imprisoned women drug addicts are formulated and a series of identical porcelain dolls produced, which will later speak the women’s biographies – with their own voices – by means of an audio module inserted in the doll’s body. An incised text field on the doll’s back gives the name and year of birth, or death, of the drug addict whose biography is represented by the Baby Doll.

Project realisation Zeist

2006 – 2007

Ambulatory Therapy Institution ARTA Lievegoed, Zeist, NL

Background: what is a THE ISOLATED SPACE space?

This describes the segregated life imposed on drug-addicted women within different social units; for example, prison, treatment facility, psychiatric ward, or asylum.

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