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Kunsthalle Wien Karlsplatz, Vienna, AT


Each time a section of the project is completed, the archive is exhibited in an art institution in a city of that country, together with the series of Baby Dolls that were created where each doll represents one participant and her biography. After the exhibition closes, the Baby Dolls are abandoned in public places (see THE PUBLIC SPACE).

While the exhibition is on, an Expert Meeting takes place at which representatives from the spheres of culture, subcultures, politics, and scholarship debate the themes of the project and engage with the question of how effective art interventions in social issues are or can be, by including the specific conditions prevailing in that particular country.

All the panel discussions are documented, compared, and excerpts made available in the CONTEXT section above.

Expert Meeting Vienna

16 October 2009 KUNSTHALLE wien project space
Treitlstrasse, Karlsplatz, Vienna, AT

Participants Expert Meeting

Peter Weibel, Institute Media Theory, University of Applied Arts Vienna, A, ZKM | Center for Art and Media, Karlsruhe, D (Keynote)

Christine Hohenbüchler, artist, Technical University of Vienna, Vienna, A

Marty Huber, speaker, dramaturgy, Queere Activist
IG Kultur Österreich, Vienna, A

Alexandra Landré, art historian, curator, Amsterdam, NL

Tina Leisch, director, journalist und political activist, Vienna, A

Lucas Lenglet, artist, Amsterdam, NL

Thomas Mießgang, managing curator KUNSTHALLE wien, Vienna, A

Corinna Obrist, psychologist, Justizanstalt Favoriten, Vienna, A

Iva Prosoli, art historian, Museum City of Zagreb, Zagreb, HR

Eva van Rahden, communication sciences and dramatics, Volkshilfe Wien, SOPHIE- Educational Space for Prostitutes, Vienna, A

Dr. Shird-Dieter Schindler, psychiatrist, director, Sociomedical Center Baumgartner Höhe, Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse, Vienna, A

Hanne Seitz, Professor of Aesthetical Practise | Aesthetical Education, University of Applied Sciences, Berlin, D

Wolfgang Zinggl, Wochen Klausur, Speaker Cultural and Minority Affairs, Member of the the lower chamber of Austrian Parliament (Die Grünen), Vienna, A

Background: what is a THE CULTURAL SPACE space?

This includes places and facilities that are institutionally legitimised and funded, for example, museums, art venues and galleries, as well as urban facilities such as parks and playgrounds. Such spaces offer the possibility of a performative publication of the biographies at a cultural institution of the respective country, and also the opportunity to exchange views and reflections with people from the areas of culture, subculture, politics, and science.

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