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Navnløs Women's Prison, NO


PARRHESIA at Navnløs Fengsel

Project realisation Navnløs Fengsel

October 2023

Navnløs Fengsel, Undisclosed Location, Norway
(Disclaimer: In compliance with General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) from the European Union as well as Norway, the name of the participating prison has been fictionalised.)

For the map-based part of the homepage, the geolocation for the prison has been fictionalised and assigned to the Oslo location of Kriminalomsorgen, the Norwegian Correctional Services.

General Information - Navnløs Fengsel (Navnløs Women's Prison)

Navnløs prison is located in Norway and is a minimum security prison for women.


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Background: what is a THE ISOLATED SPACE space?

This describes the segregated life imposed on drug-addicted women within different social units; for example, prison, treatment facility, psychiatric ward, or asylum.

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