Amsterdam Expert Meeting – Hester van de Beuken Serie
Interdisciplinary II
21 September 2007, W139 Amsterdam

PARTICIPANTS: Jeroen Boomgaard, Marieke van Doorninck, Erik Hagoort, Doede Hardeman, Gijs Frieling (Moderation), Carolin Gehrles, Ruud Kaulingfreks, Greet Kuipers, Willemijn Los, Ulrike Möntmann, Jonas Staal, Michael Tedja, Judith Vega


The dolls / biographies are adopted temporarily by an art institute in a particular city in one of the countries involved. For each participating art institute, a single national series of THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE will be placed (dropped off) in the city’s public space, in an area belonging to the usual surroundings of the person concerned. For the dropping off, about 100 popular and unpopular representatives of the country – from the worlds of (sub-) culture, politics, and academia – will be invited to participate, and following from that, to join in a debate on the effectiveness of the visual arts as vehicles of intervention in social issues.


This expert meeting took place during the exhibition Love is like Oxygen in W139 – an artist-led production and presentation institution in the center of Amsterdam.

(Summary of debate coming soon)


a'dam debate publiek junk frieling

Expert Meeting, W139, Amsterdam

The exhibition Love is like Oxygen is part of the project Liefde in de Stad (Love in the City): Within the framework of this project, Paradiso Amsterdam has been inviting artists, academics, writers, and musicians to use creativity to promote love in urban areas. “It does not concern romantic love,” says Lisa Boersen (Paradiso), “but rather love as a counterpart to fear. The kind of love that makes living together in a confined space more positive.” With unorthodox methods Liefde in de Stad explores – on the interface of art and science – human behaviour in urban culture and the way in which it can be (positively) influenced.


Gijs Frieling, former director W139, writes: „The city is wherever everything has become human. Where nature, with the exception of the human body, has been almost entirely exiled. The city brings out the best and worst in man. Love is a force that only has meaning when given by a free heart. In art, freedom sometimes seems to have become the ultimate objective. This self-determination is also a potential portal to further development, within which artists enter into less non-committal ties with people and ideas. Some of the artists in this exhibition seem to have taken that very step.”


Participating artists: Arno Coenen, Erin Dunn, Gil & Moti, Saskia Janssen, George Korsmit, Ulrike Möntmann, Jonas Ohlsson, Joel Tauber.