Observational Perspectives
20 & 21 July 2015, Amsterdam



Christiane Bernard, social studies, Frankfurt/Essen, Germany

Nina Glockner, artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Vienna, Austria

Antje Langer, educational studies, Professor at University Paderborn, Germany

Ulrike Möntmann, artist, Amsterdam, Netherlands and Vienna, Austria

Susanne Regener, culture and media studies, Professor at University Siegen, Germany and Affiliate Professor of Media Culture at University Copenhagen, Denmark       X            X      X




Substance abuse and prostitution – Field study New York and Frankfurt by C. Bernard / A. Langer


What is it that’s going on here? – Reflections on sociological theory by E. Goffman und H. Becker


Undergoing spaces – Architecture of psychiatry and prison


External image & Self image of drug addicts


Oral History – Audibility of voices as Outcast Registration


Observational perspectives – Interdisciplinary utilisation of Artistic Research