THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE is an audiovisual portrait of women drug addicts living in Europe.

THE ISOLATED SPACE: Since 2004 this project has been carried out in four prisons and two therapy centers for drug addiction in Germany, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Croatia, and Austria. The concise biographies of a small group of drug-addicted detainees at each institution are worked out together with the women and a series of identical porcelain Baby Dolls produced who recount these biographies – in the women’s own words – via an audio module.

THE CULTURAL SPACE: A series of these Baby Dolls, which each represent one woman’s biography, is exhibited at a cultural institution in the respective country. In parallel an Expert Meeting is organized at which representatives from the spheres of culture, subcultures, politics, and scholarship debate the thematic focuses of the project.

THE PUBLIC SPACE: Next, the Baby Dolls are abandoned in various public places in the respective city, which are actually or symbolically associated with the lives of the women whose biographies they represent. Each Baby Doll has a label tied to its wrist displaying the address of this website.

THE VIRTUAL SPACE: This website provides access to the project archive. The names of the project participants appear in a list with links to the associated information – matrix fragment, biographical details and audio file, geographic location, etc. – next to the names. Under “Info” is the overall view and the description of the particular category.