Public space

Dropping off the Baby Dolls after the Expert Meeting is the act of installation of THIS BABY DOLL WILL BE A JUNKIE in the public realm.

Around a hundred popular and unpopular citizens of the particular country from the areas of culture, subcultures, politics, and scholarship are invited to deposit the ± 20 Baby Dolls of a series in urban public places. These drop off locations are places associated with the lives of the drug addicts represented by the dolls: the locations are determined by the addicts themselves and each place is associated with an event in that particular woman’s life as detailed in her biography.

Groups of two to four people take taxis to bring the dolls to the locations designated and simply leave them there. The doll thus becomes public property and as an object becomes a matter of public concern. The city’s inhabitants or visitors will either accept or reject the dolls, ignore or destroy them.

Each Baby Doll has a label tied to its wrist giving the title of the project and the address of this website.


Intervention Unna 

21 July 2005

Drop off Series Karin Pausch – posthumous [sixteen dolls]