Kristine Stam [1959] CH


Kirche Olten

Schützenmattwiese, Olten

Hauptstrasse, Olten

Aarebrücke, Olten

Bahnhof Olten

Frohburggasse, Olten

Wilerweg, Olten

Grundstrasse, Olten

Kantonsspital, Olten

Stadtpark Aarau

Belchenstrasse, Olten

Solothurnerstrasse, Olten

Neumattstrasse, Wangen

Wilerweg, Olten

Bahnhofstrasse, Bern

Industriegebiet Gheidgraben, Olten

Anstalten Hindelbank

Frauengefängnis Anstalten Hindelbank

Anstalten Hindelbank

Anstalten Hindelbank

Aarebrücke, Grenchen

Spital, Solothurn

Anstalten Hindelbank

After the wording of the biographies has been established, the participants designate drop off locations, which are associated with certain events in the biography and convey an impression of the individual’s situation and geographic locatedness within a town or a country. If the locations mentioned in the biography are not available or accessible, comparable symbolic locations in public places are identified.