Maria von Bank [1962] CH


Teufender Strasse, Bühler

Hermoos, Bühler

Im Hölzi, Sankt Gallen

Stofelweid, Teufen

Goliathgasse, Sankt Gallen

Waageausweg, Sankt Gallen

Via Gerolamo, Vegezzi, Lugano

Hauptbahnhof Sankt Gallen

Corso Enrico Pestalozzi, Lugano

Sankt Leonard Strasse, Sankt Gallen

Waaghausweg, Sankt Gallen

Spitalstrasse, Herisau

Waldheimstrasse, Bern

Langstrasse, Zurich

Rosenbergstrasse, Sankt Gallen

Hauptbahnhof Sankt Gallen

Davidstrasse, Sankt Gallen

Grünhaldenstrasse, Sankt Gallen

Davidstrasse, Sankt Gallen

Psychiatrisches Zentrum Teufen Strasse, Sankt Gallen

Anstalten Hindelbank

After the wording of the biographies has been established, the participants designate drop off locations, which are associated with certain events in the biography and convey an impression of the individual’s situation and geographic locatedness within a town or a country. If the locations mentioned in the biography are not available or accessible, comparable symbolic locations in public places are identified.