Cultural space

Expert Meeting Unna

Before the Dropping Off, an Expert Meeting takes place at which representatives from the spheres of culture, subcultures, politics, and scholarship debate the themes of the project and engage with the question of how effective art interventions in social issues are or can be, by including the specific conditions prevailing in that particular country.

All the panel discussions are documented, compared, and excerpts made available on the OUTCAST REGISTRATION website.


Expert Meeting Unna

21 July 2005, LÜSA Unna


Participants Expert Meeting

Anabela Dias de Oliveira, director LÜSA e.V. (moderation)

Bartmann, Politiker, deputy mayor of the city of Unna, D

Gudrun Bürhaus, politician, GAL-fraction, Unna, D

Heinz-Dieter Edelkötter, social worker, director Youth Care Office, Unna, D

Achim Farys, artist, Dortmund, D

Martina Fuchs, director of Die Tafel, Unna, D

Heike Gutzmerow, politician, youth care executive, Unna, D

N. Hahn, politician, health department, Unna, D

David Hofmann, social worker, anonymous drugs advice center, Unna, D

Claudia Keuchel, social worker, cultural administration, Unna, D

Klaus Küssner, head of social welfare office, Unna, D

Uwe Kutter, politician, Unna, D

M. Makiolla, politician, district administrator, Unna, D

Jörg-Uwe Pehle, theologian, City Church, Unna, D

Ulrike Trumper, director AIDS Hilfe, Unna, D